Security Services

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Security is the result of accurately defining the threat environment, identifying the security vulnerabilities, and developing a sound, practical security plan, utilizing today’s technology and training.  

Executive Protection and Executive Threat Assessment:
The corporate world is recognizing the need to protect its key personnel assets. DynaSec has responded to that need by providing both executive protection services and providing an analytical approach to assessing threats to employees and facilities.

DynaSec provides protection to key corporate executives during their daily routine, during special events and while traveling. DynaSec will also provide armed protection agents to counter the threat of workplace violence or other specialized needs. DynaSec executive protection agents are experienced professionals with extensive experience in the FBI, local law enforcement, tactical operations and dignitary protection.

DynaSec can respond to overt threats to a client or a client's facility by employing a threat assessment methodology developed by the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU). DynaSec's Behavioral Analysis Specialist has over seventeen years of experience in the BAU and can be called upon to analyze the threat and the source of the threat to provide the client with a fact-based assessment of the potential danger.


DynaSec is a member of ASIS, International, Inc.