Phil Sena

Phillip Sena, Senior Investigator/Consultant

Phillip Sena is a twenty year veteran of the FBI and a former Deputy Marshal.  He has extensive experience in the investigation of both violent crimes and terrorism.  Mr. Sena has served as a Supervisory Special Agent of the Bank Robbery/Kidnap Squad, the Fugitive Task Force and the Violent Gang Task Force. Mr. Sena authored the first modern, comprehensive Kidnapping Response Plan, which was utilized within the San Francisco Division of the FBI and exported to area law enforcement agencies as a template. Mr. Sena was the Crisis Management Coordinator for the San Francisco Division of the FBI and was the SWAT Coordinator in the FBI Tactical Operations Center.  He has extensive tactical experience gained through fifteen years as an FBI SWAT Team member.   Mr. Sena, also, served as the FBI Counter-Terrorism Liaison to the US Army Delta Team advance element during the 42nd NATO Ministers Conference.

Mr. Sena has extensive training/teaching experience, having spent several years as a full-time FBI Instructor.  Mr. Sena is certified by California POST to teach instructor level courses to California peace officers.  In addition, he has a certificate to teach Police Science subjects in the California Community Colleges and has done so.  Mr. Sena has been a guest lecturer at the FBI Academy in Quantico, VA. Mr. Sena is a certified Police Instructor, Firearms Instructor, Defensive Tactics Instructor, Police Fitness Instructor and Tactical Instructor.