DynaSec investigators have been called upon to resolve profile investigations for corporations, where millions of dollars were at stake. The security consultants have addressed security issues and risk analysis for both governmental entities and the private sector.

To feel confident in responding to our diverse clientele, it is necessary to maintain and groom an exceptional investigative and consulting staff. DynaSec’s staff brings that degree of confidence based on decades of investigative and security experience in both the private sector and with government agencies. All DynaSec investigators are twenty-plus year veterans of FBI or other federal investigative agencies. They have routinely handled matters of national interest and national security. In the private sector, DynaSec investigators call upon their past experience and continue to grow through continued education and membership in professional associations such as the American Society of Industrial Security, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, California Association of Licensed Investigators and the Association of Former Special Agents of the FBI.